PO Box 115          Chautauqua, New York             (716) 357-2055    May 2023

Spring Greetings from the Finance Committee!

Spring is here and everything is blooming during this time of renewal. In just a few short weeks it will be time for summer and the start of another session at the Chautauqua Institute and guests at The United Methodist House.

As a member of the Board, I want to thank everyone for their continued support of The United Methodist House. The room rentals during the summer season, along with the off-season retreat rentals, provide the primary source of funds that keep the United Methodist House going strong every year. I want to thank our Financial Secretary, Debbie Caruso, for her hard work in handling the reservations for the House throughout the year.

The gifts that we receive during the year assist the Finance and Property Committees in handling the surprises that arise when maintaining this historic structure and from its daily operations. A recent hiccup in those operations was the sudden need to replace the clothes dryer. Debbie sprung into action and worked with our housekeeping staff to find the appropriate replacement dryer in a very short period.

As the Treasurer, I want to encourage you to support the mission of The United Methodist House. Please prayerfully consider making a monetary donation to the United Methodist House. As noted above, these donations make it feasible for the Property Committee to handle life’s little surprises. Thank you for your support.

Mike Paine, Treasurer and Finance Chair


Greetings From Our United Methodist House Host Couple

We are very excited about preparing for our second year as Hosts. Our first year was a challenge but, as we tell our friends back here in Houston, “We didn’t quit and we weren’t fired!” That we did make it through the first year was largely because our predecessors, Karen and Bob Douds, prepared and left for us so many helpful guides and manuals, and, in addition, patiently answered all of our phone calls asking for help. (Mike never would have found the critically important chipmunk trap without Bob’s long-distance guidance).

This year we are much further along in preparing for the season by

  1. drafting letters, e-mails, and revised Information sheets for new and returning guests
  2. drafting letters and various information attachments for the ten (10) new Chaplains of the Week rounded up by the amazing Beth Nelson
  3. trying to find nine (9) local UMC church groups willing to support the Tuesday afternoon socials by providing 20 – 30 dozen cookies and punch. Jan has found the latter task much more difficult this year because so many of the churches that have helped out in past years have disassociated from the United Methodist Church and are uncertain whether they should participate. However, at this point 8 of the 9 weeks are covered. Four churches are from Pennsylvania. They are Edinboro, Warren, Allison Park and Salem. Three churches are from New York. They are Panama, Eden and Kenmore.
  4. The United Methodist House hosts will cover July 4th with a rousing Birthday Party on the porch.
  5. Week 9 (August 22) is still available as of mid-April. Any volunteers should contact Jan at janetyauch65@gmail.com.

Summer Assembly Security Program

Chautauqua Institution has initiated a new program following the tragic events involving Salman Rushdie last year.

  1. “Clear Bag Policy” at the Amp and all other venues.
  2. All bags larger than 4.5” x 6.5” must be clear or checked before entry.

See You On The Porch!!

Jan and Mike Yauch

Your United Methodist House Host Couple


2023 United Methodist House Chaplains


WEEK            NAME                              CONFERENCE                              CONTACT INFO

One                 Rev. James Farrer           Elder Indiana                                           724-414-3384; jrjimbo@yahoo.com

Two                 Rev. Dean Byrom            retired Western PA minister                deanbyrom@yahoo.com

Three              Rev. Laura Calos             retired Elder Upper New York             rev.lauracalos@gmail.com

Four                Rev. Vanderhoff              Elder Western Pennsylvania                pastorjeff16@verizon.net

Five                 Rev. Jack Harnish          retired Elder Michigan                          ackharish1@gmail.com; 734-730-9893

Six                   Rev. Diane DiLuzio        retired Elder Upper New York             dianed7247@gmail.com; 315-532-3354

Seven              Rev Cyndi Bloise             Elder Western Pennsylvania               cbloise@ingomarchurch.net

Eight               Rev. Larry Baird             retired Elder Upper New York             LarryRBaird@gmail.com

Nine                Rev. Kandace Brook      retired Elder Upper New York              Kandace_brooks@yahoo.com


From the Property Committee

The snow has melted and trees are budding and temperatures have begun to rise.  We can now start to think about our summer season and how great it will be to see old friends and gather on the porch.  Before that happens there is a lot work to be done to get the house ready.

We will be having two work weekends in June (dates listed below).  We are hoping for good weather at least one of the weekends as we will need to do some outside painting of trim and around some windows. Besides painting, there are many other tasks to complete to be ready to open for the season: porch furniture to be cleaned and placed on the porch and on the upper deck, rooms to be checked and kitchenette items inventoried for each room, windows to wash, chapel set up, just to mention a few.  There’s something for everyone to do, and not a lot of skills needed for most of the tasks, just willingness to help.

We recently had some problems with the clothes dryer, and we had to replace it.  Thanks to Debbie and Cindy and their husbands for taking care of removing the old one and installing the new one.

The work weekends will be June 9th and 10th, and June 16th and 17th.  We start around 1 pm on Friday and at 9 am on Saturday.  Our work weekends are open to all who would like to come help.  The House will be available to all who work, just call Debbie at 716-357-4045  to reserve a room.  We do get a lot of work done but we also have fun and good fellowship.

Diane Whinham is donating a dogwood tree in memory of her in-laws Jack and Marie Whinham who spent several summers in Chautauqua and always stayed at the Methodist House.  Diane said, “They lived in upstate New York for several years and I had the opportunity to drive them to the house and tour the area…such a beautiful and special place!”  Diane wants “to honor them and perhaps add some more beauty to the surroundings.”  The tree will be planted soon in the place along Bowman Avenue where the shrubs and died and were removed last year.

The property committee looks forward to seeing you at the Methodist House.  If you have any questions please feel free to me a call at 716-269-4564



Available rooms for the 2023 Chautauqua season.

Names may be added to the waiting list.

Weekly Room Rental Rates –Chautauqua Season

Boehm Room (slightly smaller room      $675    1 bathroom      2 people in twin beds, A/C

All other rooms (four rooms)                  $77       1 bathroom      2 people in twin beds, A/C

Wesley Suite (two room suite)              $1,350    2 bathrooms    4 people in twin beds and 2 people in convertible chair/beds, A/C

Reservation Information for the Retreat Season (Off-Season)

Reservations for the retreat season are invited at any time up to 3 years in advance by calling (716) 357-4045. The retreat season is from Labor Day through May.

Retreat Season Rental Rates for the entire house – United Methodist groups

$100 per day – day use only                                    $425 per two-night stay

Retreat Season Rental Rates for the entire house – Non-United Methodist groups

$600 per two-night stay

Summer Season2023 Rentals

Week 5 – July 22 – July 29, 2023                                          1 – Allen Room

                                                                                                1 – Wesley Suite

Retreat Season2023 Rentals


November, 2023

Friday 11/17 – Sunday 11/19/23

December 2023

Friday 12/1 – Sunday 12/3/23

Friday 12/8 – Sunday 12/10/23

Friday 12/15 – Sunday 12/17/23

Friday 12/22 – Sunday 12/24/23


Retreat Season2024 Rentals


January, 2023

Friday 1/12/24 – Sunday 1/14/24

Friday 1/26/24 – Sunday 1/28/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

February, 2023

Friday 2/2-Sunday 2/4/24

Friday 2/16 – Sunday 2/18/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

March, 2023

Friday 3/8- Sunday 3/10/24

Friday 3/22-Sunday 3/24/24

Friday 3/29- Sunday 3/31/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

April, 2023

Friday 4/5- Sunday 4/7/24

Friday 4/12- Sunday 4/14/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

May, 2023

Friday 5/17- Sunday 5/19/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

September, 2024

Friday 9/20-9/22/24

November, 2024

Friday 11/15- Sunday 12/17/24

Friday 11/22- Sunday 11/24/24

Middle of the weeks are available.

December, 2024

Also available are all the middle and weekends in December 2024.



With gratitude, we thank

Those who have made possible the ministry of

The United Methodist House at Chautauqua

In the year January 2022 – January 2023

Benefactors of $500 and Up

Chautauqua Catholic Community, The Erie Community Foundation for M. Fletcher & Elsie Gornall Fund, Richard and Karen Heitzenrater, Gerald P. Maloney, Tim Mattocks, Robert and Carol McKiernan, Bishop Peter and Linda Weaver, Mike and Jan Yauch, Youngsville United Methodist Church.

Sustaining Members $250-$499

David Green, Ernest and Lois Lawrence, Craig and Kathy Lopus, Mike and Nancy Lott, Lee and Elaine Mount, Christine and Gerald Siess, Henry and Eleanor Watts, Howard and Carol Wright, Kathy and Simon Yu, Advocates for Balance at Chautauqua.

Patrons $100-$249

David and Linda Almasy-Hohmann, Rev Larry and Brenda Baird, Robin Gallaher Branch, Lexi and Zack Brown, Janet Campbell Kuhl,  Catherine Cassidy, Nancy and Frank Cerny, Rev J Fay and Ruth Cleveland, Carol Corsaro, Martha Dayton, Gary Enderle, GA and Deborah Fleming, Pauline George, Hamburg United Methodist Women, Elizabeth and Michael Hansen, Marilyn Henning, Austin and Sara Hale Henry, Ardelle Johnson, Susan Kasten, Robert E and Mary Kemmerer, Jane Kennedy, Pat King, Raymond Kovach,  Alice and David LaGraves, Dr Allan and Ruth Lindstrom, Judy Loveless, Rubin and Lisa Malpia, Denise McConahy, Robert and Gloria Merenick, Debra Moore, Sandra Murphy,  Beth Nelson,  Christine Nieman, Janet Northrup, Mike and Mary Jane Paine,  Stephen Parker, John and Kathleen Pearson, Judie Peterson, George and Jackie Purvis, George and Joyce Ramseyer, Chris and Susan Redmond, Nancy Richards, Jeffrey Riddel, Nels and Lois Sandberg, David and Cindy Shuff, Larry and June Spinee, Rev Douglas and Celia Thompson, James Tubbs, Susan Urban, Don Weaver, Thomas and Kathy Woodske, JoAnne Young, Zonta Club of Jamestown.

Donors of $50-$99

Pam and John Brown, Barbara Burr, Bob and Karen Douds, Martha Ann Fisher, Martha Ford, David and Christine Loughran, Marian and David Lubba, Barbara Manhardt, Garner and Louise McNett, Victor and Barbara Metivier, Anna and James Neutrelle, Iris November, Jonathan and Mary Odin, Alice and Richard Pedersen, Kathleen Petko, Margaret Stoll, Shirley Struchen, Paul and Carolynn Schrading, Susan Shearouse, Jan Swinehart, Robert and Gail Tucker, Joseph and Jeanie Wiest, Philip Wilson, Rosemarie Woodbridge,

Friends up to $49

Donna Bandmeyer, Janet Bard, Harold and Pam Christie, Ann Marie and Duane Lenhardt, Mary Beth Parrinello, Evangeline Van Tries

Gifts to the Endowment Fund

Austin and Sara Hale Henry

Gifts to the House Building and Restoration Fund

Rev. J Fay and Ruth Cleveland, Carol Corsaro, John and Kathleen Pearson

In Memory of Peanut

Linda Almasy-Hohmann,

In Memory of Barry Lewis

Nancy Richards, Rev Douglas and Celia Thompson, Howard and Carol Wright, Philip Wilson,

In Memory of Dorothea A Maloney

Gerald Maloney

Gift in Honor of Debbie Caruso

Iris November

Gift in Honor of Karen and Bob Douds

Mary Beth Parrinello,

The kindness and generosity of our many donors throughout the year is most sincerely appreciated. It is with deepest gratitude that we thank each and every one of you who make possible the ministry of the United Methodist House in Chautauqua, and we welcome you to share in the hospitality found here as often as possible. If we have inadvertently missed anyone, please forgive our mistake and let us know so we can say thank you and correct our records. May many blessings be yours.


Debbie Caruso, Financial Secretary

United Methodist House Trustees

Class of 2023 (Western PA)

Roger Brumagin      firstaid@velocity.net

Beth Nelson             bethlnelson1@gmail.com

Mike Paine               mapaine744@gmail.com

Class of 2024 (Upper NY)

Clara Wilder            cewilder1954@gmail.com

John A. Jackson       jajackson17@yahoo.com

Paul Sweet               paulksweet@gmail.com

Class of 2025 (Chautauqua Community)

Conrad Howard       pamconradhow@yahoo.com

James Metzger         bj12m@hotmail.com

Chuck Smith            pastorchuck65@gmail.com

Tim Mattocks          twmattocks@yahoo.com

Cindy Hinsdale        auntcindy2005@hotmail.com


Paul Womack          revjpw@epbfi.com

Suzanne Block         suzanneblock@unyumc.org

Dennis Swineford    servall57@gmail.com

Deb Caruso              debbiecaruso99@gmail.com

Host Couple

Mike & Jan Yauch   yauch65@gmail.com

Retreat Season Hostess and Financial Secretary

Debbie Caruso         debbiecaruso99@gmail.com


House Rules

Like all fine historic accommodations, the United Methodist House is 100% non-smoking.

As in all United Methodist facilities, alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Only “service” animals are allowed.

Meeting Schedule

Board Meeting:                       To Be Determined

Work Weekends:                    June 9 & 10

                                                         June 17 & 18

Board Meeting:                       July 12 @ 3 pm

Annual Meeting:                     July 12 @ 4 pm