United Methodist House at Chautauqua, a year-round retreat and renewal center



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  United Methodist House
  Box 115
  Chautauqua, New York 14722
  summer: 716-357-2055
  year-round: 716-357-4045
  hurlbut@ netsync.net

[UM House in its summer greenery]

Welcome . . .

[Mother and two children enjoying the porch]

. . . to the United Methodist House, one of the denominational houses at the Chautauqua Institution in southwestern New York state. The House is located at 14 Pratt Avenue on the Chautauqua grounds, just across from the famous Amphitheater.

[Conversation standing on porch]

During the nine-week Chautauqua season, it is a center for worship, fellowship, and learning. The spacious porch, parlors, quiet Chapel and Memorial Garden make an inviting and comfortable place for rest, refreshment and conversation. The resident hostess and host coordinate the many events that take place at the House and welcome weekly guests to their rooms.

What's it like to stay at United Methodist House? “You have to experience it,” says a blogger who spent time at the House one recent summer.

Room reservations for the 2020 season will be taken by phone on Monday, October 7, 2019, starting at 9 a.m. Eastern time — call Hurlbut Memorial Church at 716-357-4045.

During the “off” season — the other 43 weeks of the year — the United Methodist House is available as a retreat and renewal center for individuals, families, and church groups.

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